Friday, October 24, 2008

The Faithfullness of God in His Covenants With Man - Part 7 The Land Covenant

Deuteronomy 29:1; 30:1-10

Israel disobeyed. History clearly shows that they did not honor the Mosaic Covenant – the Covenant of the Law. But later, after the Law was given at Mt. Horeb, God reaffirms the covenant made with Abraham. Remember, God and Abraham walked the Land of Canaan together, and God promised that the land would belong to Abraham’s descendants. Now, in Moab, just before Israel entered the Promised Land, God renewed this covenant. He told them that they would always hold the title deed to the land. But he also warned, the privilege of dwelling in it was tied to their obedience.
There are seven provisions of the Land Covenant. The first is the prophetic pronouncement that Israel would disobey and be driven from the land. Secondly, Israel would repent of their sin. The third pronouncement is that God would gather Israel together again. Fourth, Israel would once again take possession of the land promised to their fathers. Sixth, the LORD would circumcise their hearts – a clear reference to spiritual salvation. Seventh, Israel would live under the blessing of God.
While we may be quick to assume that this pattern is played out repeatedly during the time of the Judges, there is an aspect of it that never was. God promises to circumcise the people’s hearts. Salvation would come. The people would be spiritually born. Israel has yet to experience this as a nation. But we will see that the promise of this national salvation will soon be fulfilled.

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